Our dual commitments to Conscientious Creation and Craftsmanship reflect a promise to honor the animals we hold dear and the planet we share while offering cherished heirlooms that stand the test of time.

Our Purpose

SONIA-TY harnesses craftsmanship, curiosity, and kinship to create timeless accessories for animals and people who love them. Our passion for travel, inspires designs that are versatile and functional, to support your journey with exceptional style and uncompromising quality. Our collection is designed for the Wandrist™ lifestyle— a way of life that merges fashion and function to inspire endless adventure.

Our dual commitments to Conscientious Creation and Craftsmanship reflect a promise to honor the animals we hold dear and the planet we share while offering cherished heirlooms that stand the test of time.

Our Journey

SONIA-TY is an innovation born from inspiration. Our founder, Mindy Elgart, always loved bringing her dogs (Roman, a gentle 80 lb. giant, and Sonia, our tiny but mighty namesake) with her to work, to social events, to the barn, and on adventures near and far. Yet she had grown tired of the tangle of leashes, bags, and carriers she needed to get her dogs, plus her belongings, from one place to another. 

Seeking a stylish, streamlined solution that would facilitate her multi-tasking lifestyle while keeping her animals close, Mindy began to envision a single, functional tote that could replace her purse and dog carrier. The Wandrist™ Tote was born. Not long after, Mindy realized the opportunity for something even greater: a complete collection of matching luxury accessories for animals and humans that would become SONIA-TY.

Our Name

SONIA-TY stands for Sonia the Yorkie. You can meet the one and only Sonia the Yorkie right here.

TY also stands for Thank You.

Thank You to Sonia; Sonia’s Chow Chow mix sidekick, Roman; Mindy’s horses; and all the animals who have made Mindy’s life richer throughout the years. 

Thank You to all pets and horses for their powers of unity, positivity, and friendship.

Thank You to the team that sustains and grows SONIA-TY.

Thank you to you, our customers, for supporting and believing in our brand. 

Our Muse

While she weighs a mere five pounds, Sonia never fails to stand out. Even as a newborn puppy, Sonia was the most rambunctious one in the litter. Our muse and namesake, Sonia captures the hearts of everyone she meets with her playful spirit and irresistible charm. Her undeniable charisma is the essence of our brand. Our logo is an image of Sonia in her classic position, curiously popping her head out of a handbag, ready for adventure.

Our Founder and CEO

Mindy Elgart’s multitude of experiences and diverse interests fuel her creative sensibility and inspire SONIA-TY. A lifelong animal lover, Mindy sees the other living beings that share our planet as companions, creatures to be honored and cared for, and tremendous sources of love and joy. Mindy is “mom” to Sonia, Roman (a Chow Chow Mix), and her beloved horses, though countless animals have held a special place in her heart. Mindy has always been especially enchanted with the mystical, ethereal beauty of horses. An accomplished amateur equestrian and a licensed dressage judge with a great love of the sport, Mindy feels a deep connection to the dressage community that she has been a part of for many years.   

Always keen to have her pets alongside her, Mindy made her initial foray into human/pet fashion design while in elementary school. The “travel” cage she created for her hamster, Chestnut, came complete with a hand-sewn cover embroidered with his name. She used the getup to sneak Chestnut into school – until she got caught!

 A graduate of FIT with significant fashion industry experience, Mindy is known for her strong trend-spotting skills and ability to bring ideas to life that are both creative and commercially successful. The industry relationships she has cultivated over the years have played an important role in making SONIA-TY possible.

A true multi-hyphenate, Mindy has an expansive world view shaped by her many passions: animals and riding, fashion, cooking, wine (she is a trained sommelier), and travel. Mindy’s curiosity and wanderlust, appreciation for the beauty and culture that surround us, gratitude for the planet that sustains us, relationships with artisans that inspire us, and friendships that span the globe together inform her vision for SONIA-TY.

Our Design Assistant

Lara Picchioni is a graphic and interactive designer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her enthusiasm and passion for creating is what led her to pursue design. Her work is fueled by a fascination for the world surrounding her. Lara is a graduate of West Chester University where she achieved top honors in design.

Lara enjoys working and applying her design principals and watching them grow to fruition. Her interest includes but are not limited to her love for travel, shopping, and the beach. But most importantly is her love for Ollie, her 3-year-old Bichon Poodle pup.

Lara joined the SONIA-TY family as a Design Assistant in June of 2020. From creating patterns, helping to design the accessories, managing social, and even modeling our products, she truly does it all!

We love a good story – and we want to be part of yours. Make SONIA-TY part of your lifestyle, For Wherever You Wander™.