SONIA-TY is routed in a promise of beautiful, functional, heirloom-quality design that leaves a minimal footprint on the planet and its animal inhabitants.

Do No Harm

Because we are deeply aware of the fragility of our planet, we are committed to creating our products using environmentally conscious manufacturing methods and materials. We are not perfect. Yet every day, we seek to identify new opportunities to build a more sustainable business model.

We partner with makers who share our dedication to reducing the harm manufacturing can cause to the environment and to supporting the communities where they do business. We invest in long-term relationships with family-run manufacturers, including many that are multi-generational, to thoughtfully create timeless pieces that will never end up in a landfill because they stand the test of time. We are transparent about our practices so that our customers can make informed decisions when choosing our products. 

Our sustainable leathers are a byproduct of local farming and agriculture industries. They are considered sustainable because the animals are not raised for the express purpose of using their leather for goods. The use of hides from the food industry also prevents waste. The tanning used for the leathers we source incorporates fewer chemicals and less water than traditional tanning. We work closely with our leather suppliers to ensure their processes are ethical and their raw materials are traceable.

Our plant-based leathers are produced in Italy by partners who are at the forefront of sustainable technology and innovation. These leathers are created with renewable resources, specifically a byproduct of the corn harvest that is a non-edible part of corn. They are recyclable, with a very high bio content, and manufactured without any harmful chemicals. 

Our biodegradable indigo denim is developed in North Carolina using recycled cotton and TENCEL™ fibers produced from responsibly processed tree wood/pulp from certified and controlled forests and plantations. Our jacquard denim is made with organic cotton and recycled polyester.


Our dedication to using organic, recycled, or natural materials extends to all of our products and to our packaging. Our entirely reusable packaging is made from recycled and compostable materials. We have worked to eliminate excessive and duplicative packaging elements, while ensuring your Sonia-TY arrives beautifully presented and in perfect condition.

Our NoIssue Tissue paper is certified compostable and recyclable and made from recycled materials and soy-based inks. Learn more about their Eco-Alliance, where trees are planted with every order placed in areas in need of reforestation.

Our eco-friendly dust bags, made from cotton twill, doubles as a tote bag. The perfect second use for carrying your essentials around town.

If you intend to recycle the gift box, please remove the magnets before doing so.

Our commitment to craftsmanship is closely tied to our commitment to Conscientious Creation. Our accessories are made by skilled artisans who have been at the center of luxury, style and leather craftsmanship for generations. Visit our Artisan Made section to learn more.