I want to make products that are beautiful and useful at the same time — things that will last, things that showcase the human element that has gone into the design and production.

—Mindy Elgart, Sonia-TY Founder & CEO

Commitment to Craftsmanship

We are committed to creating luxurious heirloom-quality pieces that are perennial in style and quality — exquisite design paired with thoughtful craftsmanship.

Based in New York and Italy, our manufacturing partners are known for their collaborations with the leading luxury fashion houses in the United States and Europe. Skilled local artisans who specialize in leather craft our products from the materials we have chosen together.

Similarly, the jewelry-inspired hardware adorning our accessories is fully custom-made in Italy by artisans who work with Europe’s most important maisons. We crafted our hardware of plated Eco brass because of its sustainability, durability, and the long heritage of harness goods in the equestrian world.  

We insist that our products be highly versatile — a concept we define according to Timeless Styles, Convertible Silhouettes, and Functional Design.

Timeless Styles

Timeless Style means our pieces incorporate seamlessly into any closet, look, or fashion moment. They are wardrobe treasures meant to be passed on for generations. We use the same materials, colors, and prints throughout our coordinated collection — in pieces designed for humans and for the animals they love. The matching look is both an equestrian tradition and an expression of the everlasting bond between people and animals.

Convertible Silhouettes

Convertible Silhouettes means  many of our pieces serve more than one purpose — like the Flaneur Leash that can double as the strap for a crossbody bag; the Corso Freehand Belt Bag that’s a belt, a wristlet, and a crossbody bag all in one; and, of course, our Wandrist Tote, which features breathable laser-cut mesh and a removable interior dog pillow so you can use it as a dog carrier.  

Functional Designs

Functional Designs means our products feature innovative elements that make it so much easier to bring your best friends along with you… For Wherever You Wander.

Materials & Care

Fabric Care

Spot clean with a soft cloth dampened with a diluted solution of mild liquid soap and water. Do not machine wash. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Indigo Disclaimer

Our denim fabric is made with natural indigo dyes. Due to the natural characteristics of this fabric the coloring may rub off on light colored fabrics, leather and or upholstery. General wear, use and washing will fade the color over time.

Plant-Based Leather

Plant-based leathers are highly organic material and just like your skin, they require care. Remove dirt with a soft, clean cloth. Avoid hard rubbing and remove all spills of liquids or food immediately. Regularly clean the areas of perspiration and body oils. Clean the contact areas regularly with a soft, clean cloth dampened with a diluted solution of mild, liquid soap and water and then dry with a soft cloth. Never use harsh chemicals or household cleaning products.

Hardware Care

Time, pollution and wear could tarnish the beauty of your hardware. To maintain and preserve the beauty we recommend storing your hardware in separate pouches to prevent scratching. Always use a soft cloth to clean. Avoid using hardware while handling bleach or detergents which may damage the finish. Take care when using deodorants, perfume, hair sprays or lotions of any kind. Salted water and chlorine could compromise the brilliance of the object, so it is strongly recommended not to wear them while swimming in the sea or in the pool.

Special Care Instructions

Take care when wearing your product in the rain. Natural indigo color from denim may transfer to light fabrics. If your product gets wet gently dab off excess water, do not rub, and allow product to dry naturally. Do not apply artificial heat, such as a blowdryer. For bags it is best to stuff with newspaper or other absorbent material to help absorb water and to maintain shape.

For any further questions, please contact us.


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