Sonia is our muse and our inspiration. With her playful spirit and irresistible charm, Sonia has always stood out from the crowd. One of 15 Yorkie puppies born to a show breeder, she made it clear from the beginning that she was the star of her own show — not the kind run by a kennel club. Mindy was happy to adopt her and provide her with a loving home.

 Our commitment to social responsibility through Conscientious Creation means supporting the communities where we do business. Our products are designed in New York and many are manufactured at family-owned factories by the city’s skilled artisans.

Many of our pieces are created in Italy by artisans who have been at the center of luxury, style, and leather craftsmanship for generations. Their attention to detail and levels of excellence and innovation set a global standard. From landscapes to food to fashion, Sonia finds Italy’s la dolce vita to be endlessly appealing.

The beauty, grace, and elegance of equestrian style are part of our heritage. Sonia embraces her time at the barn and the rustic, pastoral lifestyle it represents.

New Yorkers have Balthazar; Sonia and Roman have Parc — the beloved French bistro where Philadelphians flock for good food, great wine, and idyllic views of Rittenhouse Square. Dining al fresco gives this dynamic dog duo a chance to show off their SONIA-TY style.

Dogs are welcome everywhere in Miami — which makes Sonia a happy girl. With its breezy, sunny spirit, swooping Art Deco architecture, and vibrant social scene, the glamour of Miami is simply unmatched.

Sonia’s got it in the bag. She’s on an endless adventure in her Wandrist™ Tote, surrounded by natural fibers from the plant-based leathers we use for many of our designs.

Sonia’s wanderlust never ceases. Give her the chance to travel and she’ll be the first to board the plane — and while she doesn’t indulge in cocktails, she gets very enthusiastic about the pretzels.


Carly Blumenthal is a multi-disciplinary illustrator from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, where she illustrates scenes of subtle humor and surrealism. 

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